I really like this song…

Saw this via Season 7 Episode 18 Musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Have listened to it a few times, both Sara Ramirez (playing Callie Torres) and Brandi Carlile (who I had never heard of before) sing there hearts out on this one:

X-Men: First Class

This could be epic:

I’m glad they went for a sequel after X-Men: The Last Stand, which was okay, but not on par with X2. It needed a bit of a reboot.

I’d also like to see a movie version of Days of Future Past, that could be absolutely fantastic.

New Blog!

Hi all,

after 5 years I felt it was time for a new blog design, and I had two choices:

  • Tediously upgrade my 2006 WordPress version (as it did not yet include automatic upgrading)
  • Start fresh

As I’d also have to upgrade my MySQL database and the PHP version my server was running on,  I decided to start fresh!

The past few years I did not manage to blog much, as I was living in the Maldives with a very slow internet connection. Now that I don’t have that excuse anymore, I hope I’ll start to blog more again!



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